Photography that shows the love that is distinctively yours.

The details and formalities can be exciting, but it’s the unexpected, one-of-a-kind parts that truly make the day and its photos distinctively yours.

Like a sippy cup break, a selfie with your priest, or your ring bearer’s note worthy take on the processional. Or when the mix of emotions and expression during your first look are completely unfiltered. Then there’s your mom’s dance moves, but also your grandmother's.

And everything in between.

the experience

i believe
YOUR wedding

Your wedding day should be about the person you love and those that helped shape you into the person you are. My job is to seamlessly allow the events of the day to happen naturally without constant notice of the camera. I want you to remember your wedding day, not your wedding photos. 

meet brittany

isn't about the photos.

Love, captured in motion too.