what i believe

My work materialized out of a desire to capture moments as they unfold. To let love be at the forefront of those images. To create photographs that allow you to look back on the emotions, relationships, and love that are uniquely known and felt by you. And to preserve those bonds and those feelings.


I capture couples and entrepreneurs, clients and brands, design and decor, from hometowns to destinations. Whether through motion or stills, clients have returned to use my voice as a way to strengthen and express their own, a humbling honor that I cherish each and every day. My best work comes from honing in on what makes you unique and giving you permission to live there, apologetically. 

I am committed to documenting love, in all its forms, across all cultures, and supporting all communities. Having spent most of a decade photographing weddings, families, and other momentous occasions, I'm skilled at predicting and capturing moments, reading people, and smoothly navigating a wedding day even though no two are ever the same. With a free weekend, I'm usually with my husband, our daughter, our dogs, and often with a scoop of ice cream in hand. 



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